Via Engiadina Maloja - Scuol

Via Engiadina Maloja - Scuol (Sent-Tschlin)

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Getting there

By train and post bus:

From Chur or Tirano with the Rhaetian Railway to St. Moritz, then by post bus to Maloja.

By car:

Maloja can be reached via Chur / Tiefencastel and over the Julier Pass, from Ticino via Chiavenna (Italy) and the Malojapass.


After check-in at the hotel (from 3 p.m.) there is time to discover the village of Maloja. The  village on the pass borders the Bergell valley and has always attracted artists due to its breathtaking nature  and  the fascinating play of light and shadow. In 1994 for the 100th anniversary of Giovanni Segantini, the Sentiero Segantini was created in Maloja.  This is a unique two-hour trail with twelve stops with information about the great artist who lived in Maloja from 1894.

1. Hiking stage Maloja - Silvaplana

RouteAscentDescentHighest Point
12,6 km540 m536 m2039 m
Walking time approx. 4 hours

We ask that your luggage is left at the reception by 8:30 a.m. at the latest.

Download this tour to your smartphone (iPhone, Android). Scan the QR code. Now you have the tour data and the Swiss Topo maps from Mst. 1: 25,000 on your smartphone. You can use everything without cell phone reception.

This hike starts at Post Maloja. Follow the signs "Via Engiadina".  You walk past Pila and Blaunca to reach the idyllic Grevasalvas, which lies sleepily above Plaun da Lej. The 26-part television series "Heidi" was produced here in 1978. We continue to the village of Sils, where at Sils-Baselgia you almost reach the valley floor before the path climbs again and the day’s walk ends in trendy Silvaplana.

2. Hiking stage Silvaplana - Celerina (Overnight stay in Samedan)

RouteAscentDescentHighest Point
14,7 km882 m424 m2558 m  
Walking time approx. 5 hours

Please drop off your luggage at the hotel reception by 8.30 a.m.

Walk along the Julier Pass road, then across the fragrant pastures to Alp Suvretta. Soon St. Moritz will come into view.  The next destination the Corviglia is the local mountain of the glamorous Alpine metropolis. The last ascent ends at the deep blue natural reservoir Lej Alv. From Marguns you can take the cable car to Celerina or you can walk along the Alpweg.

You can take the bus to Samedan. Your hotel is situated in the middle of the village center.

Samedan was already an important traffic junction in the Middle Ages. The mule tracks from south to north and east to west crossed here over the mountain passes. The rights of the income from this trade were largely in the hands of the families Plantas and Salis.  These powerful noble families are linked to the history of Samedan.

They generously supported the local community with donations of all kinds. In addition, income from transit traffic, agriculture and mining created wealth, which was shared in the community.  Large ‘Patrizier’ and stately Engadin houses were built in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. A walk through the village center is worthwhile.

3. Hiking stage 

Celerina - Samedan 

RouteAscentDescentHighest Point
7,5 km  220 m782 m1983 m ü M
Marschzeit ca. 2 3/4  Stunden

 Bever - Zuoz

RouteAscentDescentHighest Point
11,1 km  430 m428 m1991 m 
Hiking time 3 1/2 hours

Please drop off your luggage at the hotel reception by 8.30 a.m.

Today's stage consists of two Via Engiadina stages, Celerina to Bever and Bever to Zuoz. Please note this, if you use the route maps.

You can take the bus and the mountain railway to the starting point in Marguns. A high-altitude path with great views leads to Alp Muntatsch and then descends to Samedan. The route Samedan - Bever is not that exciting and therefore a bus trip to Bever is recommeded. From Bever with its historical buildings along the side of the Crasta Mora, you hike past gnarled- legged pine trees. Over stony steps, alpine meadows, fragrant forests you reach a plateau with a wonderful view down in the valley and the hamlet of Madulain. Today's stage ends after a hike through a ravine in Zuoz.

Zuoz is a typical Romanesque village, whose eventful past is still visible today. The imposing village square with the Crusch Alva bar, the San Luzi church with its steeple, the Planta houses, the Planta tower and the well-kept typicalEngadin houses give this well-preserved Upper Engadin village a stately appearance.

The large number of well-maintained residential buildings with the typical Engadin bay window and Sgraffito decorations are striking. The late Romanesque chapel of San Bastiaun and the Gothic church of Santa Chatringna also add to the beauty of the village.

In 1938, Romansch officially became the fourth national language in Switzerland. Although only around 35,000 people state Romansch as their mother tongue, its five Idioms (five dialects) still used today with great pride. In Zuoz you will hear the idiom ‘Puter’.  You will hear this melodious language throughout the valley. By the way: "Bun di" or "Allegra" means "good day".


4. Hiking stage Zuoz - Zernez

RouteAscentDescentHighest Point
19,4 km651 m896 m2044 m
Walking time approx. 6 hours

Please drop off your luggage at the hotel reception by 8.30 a.m.

The next day's hike starts at the train station in Zuoz. The path climbs over alpine meadows up to Acla Laret, from where it opens into a pristine forest and follows the alpine road down to Chapella. After you have passed Chapella, the path climbs again until you cross the Punt Ota stream in Val Punt Ota. This is the "border" between the Upper and Lower Engadin valley. Along fragrant mountain meadows you go down into the valley to Zernez, the "gateway" to the Swiss National Park. Congratulations - you have achieved your goal.

Zernez is known as the "entrance" to the Swiss National Park. You can find the National Park Center here. Experience, discovery, amazement and questions: in the 4 exhibition rooms of the visitor center, you will learn about the national park, its fauna and flora, its history and the inexhaustible diversity of nature in a completely new way.

5. Hiking stage Zernez - Guarda

Today you walk two stages of the Via Engiadina. From Zernez to Lavin and on to Guarda. The two sections are more than 25 kilometers. You want to shorten the day’s workload? The Rhaetian Railway takes you comfortably along the Inn to Susch.

Zernez - Lavin

RouteAscentDescentHighest Point
  12,2 km 371 m 413 m1652  m
Hiking time approx. 3 3/4  hours

Otherwise, you walk through the village of Zernez to the church. Below the church, the path follows the edge of the forest and along the Inn to Susch. Cross the bridge there and then continue through the village to the next bridge. Here you switch back to the other side of the Inn and follow the signs no. 87 to Lavin.

Alternative: Choose the route of the National Park Panorama Trail Zernez - Lavin No. 45. This is 12 kilometers long (ascent 160 m, descent 200 m, running time approx. 3 hours).

Lavin - Guarda

RouteAscentDescentHighest Point
  13,3 km 969 m 746 m2239  m
Hiking time approx. 5  hours

From Lavin the path goes into Val Lavinouz and along the alpine road to Alp Dadoura. Then follows a steep section to the Alp d'Immez. Opposite is the Piz Linard. The Gonda avalanche range is crossed on the flank of Piz Chapisun. Below: the remains of a 12th century settlement. Now the route follows through the forest until you have reached today's destination, Guarda.


8. Hiking stage Guarda - Ardez

RouteAscentDescentHighest Point
13,8 km 627 m 848 m2181 m
Walking time approx. 4 3/4 hours

Today begins with the ascent to the ‘Schellen-Ursli-Weg’ into Val Tuoi and Alp Sura. Look forward to one of the most scenic sections of the Via Engiadina. Via alpine meadows you reach the highest point of today's hiking route, Murtera Dadoura. Passing the Maiensässen Munt and Chöglias you can soon see Ardez with its striking castle ruins.

9. Hiking stage Ardez - Pruin/Ftan

RouteAscentDescentHighest Point
 13,6 km 817 m 184 m 2239 m
Walking time approx. 4 3/4  hours

From the Ardez train station, the path leads directly through the village towards Plan Chamuera, into Val Tasna with its varied landscape. At  Alp Valmala, the ‘Ziegen Alp’ you have reached the turning point of the Val Tasna and change to the other side of the stream. You can buy goat cheese and drinks on Alp Valmala during the summer season. After crossing the river, the path climbs a little steeper until you reach Alp Laret. There are refreshments available during the summer season here. Enjoy the beautiful view of Switzerland's only national park during your break.

After a slight ascent, the path leads more or less at the same altitude to the mountain station of the Ftan-Prui chairlift. Here you can decide whether you want to get to today's stage destination, Ftan, on foot or a little more us the more ’knee-friendly’ chairlift.

Postbuses run regularly from Ftan to Scuol.

If you want to extend your day of hiking, you can reach the mountain station of the Motta Naluns gondola after approx. 45 minutes. The mountain railway takes you directly to Scuol (included in the 2021 flat rate).

Return trip

Depending on how you arrived, you can take the Rhaetian Railway and the Postbus back to Maloja or the Rhaetian Railway via Saglians-Klosters-Landquart to Landquart. Train and bus tickets are available from the train station in Scuol.


Perhaps you would like additional days to hike one or all of the remaining stages of the Via Engiadina to Sent, Tschlin and / or Vinadi. After such a hiking tour, a visit to the thermal bath "Bogn Engiadina" is definitely recommended. Your tired muscles will thank you. We would be happy to book the additional nights you require in our partner hotel.