Via Valtellina (Route Nr. 30)

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Arrival in Schruns and check-in after 3 p.m. at the hotel.

To get in the mood for your "Via Valtellina" hiking tour, we recommend a visit to the Montafon Local Museum. Admission is included in the package, just show your special ticket "RhB Via Valtellina". 

Please note that the luggage has to be sent directly to your Hotel in Klosters (no transportation from Schruns to Klosters).

A tip for drivers: so that you do not have to return to the starting point in Schruns, we recommend leaving your car in Landquart at the OUTLET Parking (right at the Landquart motorway exit / Landquart train station). Price per day CHF 6.00. Travel from Landquart to Schruns (train / bus) approx. 2 1/2 hours.

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1st Hiking stage Via Valtellina North - Schruns-Gargellen-Schlappin/Klosters

Route      Ascent     Descent        Highest Point
        9,4 km            862 m       604 m             2203 m

Hiking time:
Gargellen – Schlappin approx. 6 ½ hours
Gargellen - Schlappin - Klosters Dorf approx. 8 hours

The historical path from Schruns to Gargellen is easy to walk on except for a short stretch of road. Gargellen is reached after around 2 hours. The day hike can be shortened by taking the bus from Schruns to Gargellen, which runs every two hours. This is followed by a for and a half to 8 hour hike, depending on the choice of accomodation (Schlappin or Klosters Dorf. 

From Gargellen follow the signs to Schlappinerjoch and the signs with the green label "Via Valtellina" which are marked with the number 30. 

The Bus from Schruns to Gargellen starts at the station, leaving at 09.05, 11.05 and 13.05. Driving time 31 minutes. 

Should you have chosen Schlappin as today's overnight stop, your hiking route ends here. Otherwise we recommend to make a pit stop at the charming Berghaus Erika before hiking towards Klosters Dorf (see description 2nd hiking stage Schlappin -  Klosters Platz). 

Luggage transport can only be offered from Klosters. So, depending on your choice of accomodation (Schlappin or Klosters Dorf), you have to take everything for your daily needs and for  the first overnight in your Rucksack.  

Overnight in the booked Hotel in Schlappin or Klosters Dorf. 

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2nd Hiking stage Via Valtellina North - Schlappin-Klosters Dorf – Davos

RouteAscentDescentHighest Point
17,5 km807 m903 m1632 m
Hiking time approx. 6 hours

Insted of the official route (steep road), we recommend the much nicer route on the hiking path, which you can reach at the end of the Schlappinsee. Walk over the small bridge and follow on the path down the valley. From Klosters Dorf you continue to Davos Platz and from the valley station of the Gotschna Cablecar towards Laret- Wolfgang - Davos. From Klosters Dorf the hiking time reduces by approx. 1 1/2 hours. 

Overnight in the booked Hotel in Davos. 

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3rd Hiking stage Via Valetllina North - Davos – Cinuos Chel

RouteAscentDescentHighest Point
      32,5 km        1179 m          1070 m          2609 m

Hiking time approx. 10 ½ hours.
Todays hike can be shortened by 3 1/2 - 4 hours by taking the Bus from Davos to Dürrboden. 

Please bring your luggage until 8.15 h to the reception. Your host will bring it to the station.

There is a bus connection between Davos Wolfgang and Davos Dorf/Platz. As a hotel guest in Klosters and Davos you have free travel with the guest card "Davos Klosters Premium Card". 

Please inquire the weather forecast for all day before starting for your tour. Depending on the weather and your condition we recommend to take the bus to Dürrboden (starts at station Davos Dorf). This enables you to shorten the stage by approx. 3 hours. You need approx. 10.5 hours for the whole route. 

The first stage leades from Davos Dorf (1'560 m) through the wild and romantic Dischma valley to Dürrboden (2'011 m). Here begins the ascent to the Scalettapass (2'606 m) which is the highest point of today's stage and also the border between Davos and the Engadin. From the Scalettapass you start the descent to Alp Funtauna. You continue through the Val Susauna to the alpine village Susauna. From here it is a short walk to the Hotel in Cinuos-chel. Should the hike not be possible due to the weather you take the Rhaetian Railway for the trip to the Engadin.  Please note that the Hotel is in Cinuos-chel ant not in S-chanf. 

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4th Hiking stage Via Valtellina North - Cinuos chel - Pontresina

RouteAscentDescentHighest Point
20,5 km463 m357 m1775 m
Walking time approx. 5 ½ to 6 hours

Please bring your luggage until 8.15 h to the reception. Your host will bring it to the station.

On today's stage through the Upper Engadin you enjoy the beautiful landscape as well as some typical Engadin villages. From Cinous-chel you follow the signes to S-chanf. At the end of the village you turn right and take the Railway underpass in the direction of Zuoz. Arriving in Madulain you cross the river Inn and follow the sign to La Punt and further on to Samedan and Punt Muragl. From here it takes a short walk until you arrive in Pontresina - today's overnight stay. 

With your special ticket "RhB Via Valetllina" you have free travel between Cinuos-chel and Pontresina.

In Pontresina ends the North Route. You take the Rhaetian Railway for the return journey the next day. The journey leads over the Albula Pass to Chur  - this Rhaetian Railway line belongs to the RhB UNESCO World Heritage site. 

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1st Hiking stage Via Valtellina South - Pontresina – Alp Grüm

RouteAscentDescentHighest Point
21,2 km549 m233 m2266 m
Walking time approx. 6 – 6 ½ hours 

Please bring your luggage until 8.15 h to the reception. Your host will bring it to the station.

In Pontresina you start the South route of the Via Valtellina in the direction of Surovas and to Morteratsch with the impressive Morteratsch Glacier. From Morteratsch starts a steep ascent towards the Bernina Pass. The path leads along the railway line to the Lago Bianco (Lake) on the Bernina Pass. From here it takes another 1 1/2 hours to Alp Grüm.  

We recommend the short climb to the terrace of the Berghaus Belvedere - from here you enjoy a breathtaking view of many mountain peaks around Piz Bernina and to the Valposchiavo valley. 

In case you do not want to make the whole walk on foot you can take the train on one of the various train stops along the route between Pontresina and Alp Grüm.  


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2nd Hiking stage Via Valetllina South - Alp Grüm-Cavaglia-Poschiavo

RouteAscentDescentHighest Point
8.8 km0 m1250 m2103 m
Walking time approx. 2 ¾ - 3 hours

Please bring your luggage until 8.15 h to the reception. Your host will bring it to the station.

Today's hike starts from Alp Grüm towards Lagh da Palü and further on to Cavaglia. In Cavaglia it is worthwhile to visit the Glacier Garden. From Cavaglia you hike along the traine line to Cadera. From here you start the descent to Poschiavo which takes approx. 1 3/4 hours with 700 vertical meters. 

Your Hotel is located in the centre of the village. Take your time to visit Poschiavo, the capital village of the italian speaking Val Poschiavo. 

Today you can take the train in Cavaglia, Cadera or Privilasco.  

3rd hiking stage Via Valtellina South -  Poschiavo – Alpe San Romerio

RouteAscentDescentHighest Point
9,9 km950 m0 m1793 m
Walking time approx. 4 ½ to 5 hours

Die ist die „Bergetappe“ der Route Süd und beginnt mit dem Aufstieg zum Weiler Cologna (Asphaltstrasse). Stets ansteigend verlaufen die Wege zu den Maiensässen Barghi. Von hier aus geht’s dann hoch zur Alpe San Romerio. Freuen Sie sich auf dieses idyllische Tagesziel.

Unfortunately there is no luggage transport to Alpe San Romerio. All what you need for the overnight in San romerio you have to take in your Backpack.  Your luggage will be forwarded directly from Poschiavo to your Hotel in Tirano.  

Attention: Be sure to take your Identity Card or Passport with you. On your last stage from San Romerio to Tirano you cross the border to Italy. Border guards could carry out checks. 



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4th hiking stage Via Valtellina South - San Romerio – Viano - Tirano

RouteAscentDescentHighest point
12,1 km400 m1740 m1793 m
walking time approx. 4 ½ to 5 hours

From San Romerio you walk on old "Säumerstrassen" to Viano. From here starts a short ascent to La Dogana. - the border to Italy. On smugglers'path you arrive in Roncaiola. From Roncaiola the path leads through vineyards to Tirano. 

In Tirano ends the route Via Valtellina South. Here also starts the Via Terrazzementi to Morbegno - the italian continuation of the Via Valtellina. 
Benvenuto in Italia. Tirano is a city in the Veltlin valley where the popular Veltlin wine grows. Other specialites from the region are Bresaola (dried meat) and cheese.  Worthwhile is also a visit at the Palazzo Salis.  

Your luggage has been delivered to your Hotel in Tirano.

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5th Hiking stage Via Valtellina South - Return journey with the Rhaetian Railway  

The Rhaetian Railway brings you from Tirano over the Bernina Pass to the Engadin and further on over the Albula Pass to Thusis and Chur. With your Via Valtellina special ticket you have free travel on the Rhaetian Railway. With  the package Via Valtellina Standard you have free travel to Chur/Landquart, with the package Via Valtellina South to Pontresina. 

If you want to forward your luggage by train please check-in the luggage personally at the train station (costs are not included). 

Do you feel like doing some more hikes through Graubünden?  Please contact for information about 20 hiking tours.